Childbirth¬†is definitely not cheap. From prenatal care and epidurals to pre-term deliveries and hospital stays, here’s the information you need on hospital births.

What comes to mind when you consider new baby expense? Diapers, formula and clothes? What about hospital costs? We rarely think about the real cost of hospitalization. Of course, some do think about the cost of childcare, though many first-time parents overlook that significant expense.

Vaginal delivery or cesarean section? That is the question. The answer could indicate an average gap of $1,900 to $2,600 on your hospital bill. Vaginal births, typically, cost $2,600 without complications, and C-sections price $4,500, according to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). Vaginal deliveries account for around 7 in 10 childbirths, also C-sections for about 3 in 10, according to the undertaking.

Money recently looked into the typical cost to have a child in each country — both for vaginal and cesarean-section deliveries. The prices range from $5,017 to $10,413 to get a vaginal birth and from $7,439 to $14,528 for a C-section. This covers everything in the obstetrician’s fees (normally including prenatal care) to the price to occupy a hospital area and have an anesthesiologist administer pain-relieving drugs.

The prices to look after the newborn following arrival were not factored in.

Expecting parents might simply have to pay out a portion of these costs, based on their insurance programs. That percentage can vary widely and can be affected by factors like whether parents choose an in-network physician or have already met their deductible.

The estimated average prices Money used in its investigation are based on rates insurance companies negotiated.

“Those who have no insurance whatsoever are generally charged a higher sum than the negotiated rate,” Money writes.

But even with insurance, don’t expect the expense of childbirth to be a walk in the park. Based on Money, girls from the U.S. pay more to have a baby than women in any other nation.

The lists below highlight the most and least expensive states to provide birth.

Most Expensive States for Vaginal Births:

Alaska: $10,413
New Jersey: $9,302
New York: $8,936
Wisconsin: $8,314
Connecticut: $8,102
Florida: $7,800
Massachusetts: $7,767
California: $7,626
Illinois: $7,526
Texas: $7,349
Alabama: $5,017
Utah: $5,357
Rhode Island: $5,401
Nebraska: $5,432
Kansas: $5,541
Louisiana: $5,590
Arkansas: $5,600
Mississippi: $5,605
Idaho: $5,695
Hawaii: $5,743
Most Expensive States for C-Section Births

Least Expensive States for C-Section Births

Washington D.C.: $7,439
Alabama: $7,730
Louisiana: $7,985
Arkansas: $8,037
Maine: $8,182
Utah: $8,226
Hawaii: $8,265
Rhode Island: $8,337
Idaho: $8,341
Ohio: $8,371

It’s tough to get around the costs of childbirth. But if you’re pregnant, or trying to conceive, take a difficult look at your options for health insurance policy. Consider both your premiums, and all the out-of-pocket costs you’re going to have to cover your maternity care, from prenatal visits, to ultrasounds, to common prenatal tests, in addition to the costs of labor and delivery.